Understanding the Basics of Automation and AI

by Satish Sharma
Lead Management Consultant, SKS Consulting & Advisors, India.


Sharma, Satish (2023). Understanding the Basics of Automation and AI. In AI for Small Business: Leveraging Automation to Stay Ahead (pp 14-27). CSMFL Publications. https://dx.doi.org/10.46679/978819573223402


Modern technology has brought about a significant shift in the way businesses operate. In the business world, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have become buzzwords, and small businesses are not left behind in incorporating these technologies into their operations. In this chapter, we will provide an overview of the basics of automation and artificial intelligence, and their application in small businesses.

Keywords: AI in Business, Business Automation, Small Business, AI in SMEs

This is a part of: AI for Small Business: Leveraging Automation to Stay Ahead by Satish Sharma

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