Implementing Automation and AI in Small Businesses

by Satish Sharma
Lead Management Consultant, SKS Consulting & Advisors, India.


Sharma, Satish (2023). Implementing Automation and AI in Small Businesses. In AI for Small Business: Leveraging Automation to Stay Ahead (pp 28-56). CSMFL Publications.


The world of business is constantly evolving, and technology has played a significant role in this transformation. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly dependent on automation and artificial intelligence, enabling them to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve overall performance. However, small businesses often face unique challenges when implementing these technologies. Due to limited resources and a smaller customer base, it can be difficult for small businesses to make the investment in automation and artificial intelligence. Even though these challenges are big, the benefits of automation and AI are too big to ignore, and small businesses that use these technologies will be ahead of the competition in their respective industries. Small businesses can benefit from automation and artificial intelligence, which can improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experiences. Automation can help streamline routine tasks, freeing up employees to focus on more complex tasks that require human intervention. Additionally, AI can also be used to gather and analyze customer data, allowing small businesses to make informed decisions about their target audience.

Keywords: AI in Business, Business Automation, Small Business, AI in SMEs

This is a part of: AI for Small Business: Leveraging Automation to Stay Ahead by Satish Sharma

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