Introduction of Product Reviews as an Important Part of a Brand’s Marketing Success

by Sunil Sharma
Managing Partner, SKS Consulting & Advisors, India


Sharma, Sunil (2023). Introduction of Product Reviews as an Important Part of a Brand’s Marketing Success. In Managing Product Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide for Brands and Businesses (pp 1-14). CSMFL Publications.


Reviews have become an essential part of the consumer decision-making process, and it is crucial for brands and marketers to understand the impact of these reviews. This chapter explains how important product reviews are for brands and marketers. Product reviews have evolved, including their origin, growth, and popularity. They have also become a major source of information for consumers and marketers regarding product quality. The chapter also provides a comprehensive review of the literature pertaining to the impact of product reviews on consumer behaviour and brand reputation. These studies indicate that product reviews can affect a brand sales, customer loyalty, and brand image. Furthermore, highly accurate reviews can be especially beneficial in niche product markets, enabling customers to find products that fit their preferences and enabling firms to sell highly differentiated products without losing a significant portion of the value created.

This chapter also explains how the increase in information sources could lead to more trust and how reviews of popular products could be more accurate and thus more influential. The chapter also emphasizes the importance of empowering consumers with additional information, while acknowledging that it can be a mixed blessing for brands. Overall, this chapter lays the foundation for understanding the importance of product reviews for brands and marketers. It’s the starting point for chapters that talk about more specific topics related to product reviews, such as how they affect brand reputation, the role of online review platforms, and ways to manage reviews.

Keywords: Product reviews, Online consumer ratings, Brand reputation, Marketing strategy, Consumer behaviour

This is a part of: Managing Product Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide for Brands and Businesses by Sunil Sharma

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