The Benefits of Product Reviews for Brands and Marketers

by Sunil Sharma
Managing Partner, SKS Consulting & Advisors, India


Sharma, Sunil (2023). The Benefits of Product Reviews for Brands and Marketers. In Managing Product Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide for Brands and Businesses (pp 40-56). CSMFL Publications.


In this chapter, we will discuss the benefits of product reviews for brands and marketers. Reviews provide a platform for customers to provide feedback and insights into their experiences with the brand products and services. The resulting insights can be utilized by brands to enhance their offerings, enhance customer engagement, and increase sales. Product reviews can provide you with valuable information about what customers want that can help you develop and innovate new products. This chapter explores these benefits in greater detail and offers suggestions on how brands can leverage customer feedback to enhance their business performance.

Keywords: Product reviews, customer feedback, product development, customer engagement, brand loyalty

This is a part of: Managing Product Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide for Brands and Businesses by Sunil Sharma

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