Strategies for Encouraging Product Reviews

by Sunil Sharma
Managing Partner, SKS Consulting & Advisors, India


Sharma, Sunil (2023). Strategies for Encouraging Product Reviews. In Managing Product Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide for Brands and Businesses (pp 57-73). CSMFL Publications.


This chapter gives brands and businesses insights and practical tips on how to encourage their customers to leave product reviews. The chapter examines three key strategies for fostering customer feedback, leveraging social media and other channels to gather reviews, and responding to product reviews and engaging with customers. By implementing these strategies, brands can improve the quality and quantity of their product reviews, which can improve their brand reputation, customer loyalty, and product development. Additionally, the chapter emphasizes the importance of monitoring and analyzing product reviews to gain customer feedback and insights.

Keywords: Product reviews, customer feedback, incentivization, social media, customer engagement, brand reputation

This is a part of: Managing Product Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide for Brands and Businesses by Sunil Sharma

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