Artificial Intelligence in Business

by Amandeep Kaur1, Anjum Mohammad Aslam2
1,2 Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Chandigarh University, Mohali, Punjab, India.



In this chapter, we discuss the core concept of Artificial Intelligence. We define the term of Artificial Intelligence and its interconnected terms such as Machine learning, deep learning, Neural Networks. We describe the concept with the perspective of its usage in the area of business. We further analyze various applications and case studies which can be achieved using Artificial Intelligence and its sub fields. In the area of business already numerous Artificial Intelligence applications are being utilized and will be expected to be utilized more in the future where machines will improve the Artificial Intelligence, Natural language processing, Machine learning abilities of humans in various zones.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Natural language processing, Machine Learning, Neural Network, Deep Learning, Business Models

This chapter is a part of: Management of Data in AI Age (Eds. MSS El Namaki, Ph.D. & Pooja Sharma)

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