Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science as Iterations of Business Automation for Small Businesses

by Pooja Sharma
Managing Partner- Business Automation, SKS Consulting & Advisors, India.



Artificial intelligence and machine learning, the two iterations of automation are based on the data, small or large. The larger the data, the more effective an AI or machine learning tool will be. The opposite holds the opposite iteration. With a larger pool of data, the large businesses and multinational corporations have effectively been building, developing and adopting refined AI and machine learning based decision systems. The contention of this chapter is to explore if the small businesses with small data in hands are well-off to use and adopt AI and machine learning based tools for their day to day business operations.

Keywords: AI for small business, machine learning for small business, Data Science, Big Data

This chapter is a part of: Management of Data in AI Age (Eds. MSS El Namaki, Ph.D. & Pooja Sharma)

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