Does the Human Brain Resort to AI’s Deep Learning in Order to Solve Problems

by Prof. M S S El Namaki
Dean, VU School of Management, Switzerland.
Dean (Retired) Maastricht School of Management, MSM, The Netherlands.
CEO, Association for Accreditation of International Business



Problem solving is a daily occurrence in business and, also, in human brains. Businesses resort to a variety of modes in order to find an answer to these problems.Human brains adopt, also, a variety of measures to solve their own brand of problems. Artificial Intelligence technologies seem to have been extending a helping hand to business in the search for problem solving mechanisms. Machine learning and deep learning are currently recognized as prime modes for business insight and problem solving. Does the human brain possess competencies and instruments that could compare to the deep learning technologies adopted by AI?


This chapter is a part of: Management of Data in AI Age (Eds. MSS El Namaki, Ph.D. & Pooja Sharma)

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