Healthcare Industry and its Enhancement using Machine Learning: An Overview

by K. Sreekumar
Associate Professor, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM University), TN, India


Sreekumar, K. (2023). Healthcare Industry and its Enhancement using Machine Learning: An Overview. In P.K. Paul, S. Sharma, E. Roy Krishnan (Eds.), Advances in Business Informatics empowered by AI & Intelligent Systems (pp 87-95). CSMFL Publications.


This paper presents the effect of AI in the Medical services industry. AI (ML) is a subclass of computerized reasoning innovation, where calculations process huge informational indexes to recognize designs, gain from them, and execute undertakings independently without being told precisely how to resolve the issue. Lately, the wide accessibility of strong equipment and distributed computing has brought about a more extensive reception of ML in various areas of living souls, from involving it for proposals via online entertainment to taking on it for process robotization in plants. Also, its reception will just become further. Medical care is an industry that stays aware of the times also. With how much information is created for every patient, AI calculations in medical services have extraordinary potential.

Keywords: Healthcare, Social media, Automation, Adoption, Modeling, Strategy

This work is a part of: Advances in Business Informatics empowered by AI & Intelligent Systems (Eds. P.K. Paul, Sushil Sharma, Edward Roy Krishnan)

© CSMFL Publications & its authors.


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