Advances in Business Informatics empowered by AI & Intelligent Systems

Editors: Dr P.K. Paul1 , Dr Sushil Sharma2, Dr Edward Roy Krishnan3
1Department of Computer & Information Sciences, Raiganj University, West Bengal, India
2Associate Provost, Texas A&M University, Texarkana, USA
3Director General, European International University, Paris, France
ISBN (Ebook): 978-81-957322-0-3
ISBN (Paperback): 978-81-957322-1-0
ISBN (Hardback): 978-81-957322-2-7

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About the book

Information Technology is the most significant development in the recent past, and different subfields and technologies have emerged in recent past such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big data, Internet of Things, Business Analytics, Information Assurance, and Cyber Security, Robotics for sophisticated Business Informatics practice. Such effective Business Informatics is fruitful in sophisticated information and technological services to industries and organizations. Technology is required in various tangible and intangible product and service based organizations, businesses, and enterprises. In managing organizations role of information and content is just perfect not only for elasticity but also for the decision making including. Information Technology and its various subsystems are helpful in collection, selection, organization, processing, management, and dissemination of information and in organizational context role of Business Informatics is just booming. As it is an interdisciplinary and practice based subject impacting organizations of 21st century. This book is specially focused on Business Informatics with reference to the emergence of the latest technologies for promoting and advancing business and corporate sectors. It has discussed various emerging area specific organizational practices viz. Business, Healthcare Industries, Education sector, Aviation and Transportation. This edited volume is suitable for policy makers, decision makers, business and corporate houses as a trend and status report. The book is also going to be a perfect one for the academicians and researchers.

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Editorial: Advancing Digital Organizations powered by ICT & Computing-A Business Informatics Perspective

by P.K. Paul, S. Sharma, Edward Roy K.

Enhancing & Implementing Emerging ICT in Sophisticated Business Informatics Practice for Successful Organizations and Institutions

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