AI Enabled Decision Support System for Reaching out to Each Individual through Data for Health Care Services

by Poovammal E.1 & Durga R.2
1,2Associate Professor, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM University), TN, India


Poovammal E., Durga R. (2023). AI Enabled Decision Support System for Reaching out to Each Individual through Data for Health Care Services. In P.K. Paul, S. Sharma, E. Roy Krishnan (Eds.), Advances in Business Informatics empowered by AI & Intelligent Systems (pp 96-107). CSMFL Publications.


In this digital era, almost the entire globe is struggling to deal with pandemic diseases like Corona. Every nation is equipped with powerful and abundant data, as well as advanced & sophisticated tools to derive highly valuable information from such powerful Big Data. The analytical tools which work on Big Data could have identified patterns for analysis by the medical/ public health experts, predicted the outbreak and recommended possible solutions.

Keywords: Decision Support System, Health Care Services, Data

This work is a part of: Advances in Business Informatics empowered by AI & Intelligent Systems (Eds. P.K. Paul, Sushil Sharma, Edward Roy Krishnan)

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