Code-Switching as a Communication Strategy in Educational Settings

by Rugare Mareva
Department of Curriculum Studies, Great Zimbabwe University, P O Box 1235, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.



The chapter focuses on the use of code-switching as a communication strategy in educational settings in several countries, particularly in Zimbabwe. The chapter first interrogates the concept of communication strategies and its functions, after which focus is on code-switching, models of code-switching, and functions of code-switching. The chapter also reviews several research studies that have been carried out on educational settings in several countries and in Zimbabwe. A key theme that chapter unravels is that to a large extent, code-switching is a common phenomenon in educational settings and plays a multiplicity of functions. However, code-switching is also viewed as impacting negatively on the teaching and learning process.

Keywords: Code switching, Educational communications, Educational settings

This chapter is a part of: Contemporary Advances in Education | Edition (2019) (Eds. Sunil Sharma, FCS & Tian Chuanmao, PhD)

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