Dynamics of Prevailing Relativity between Higher Education and Labour Economics with Special Reference to Recent Job-Market Trends

by Oliver B Smith
EduTech Startup Founder, Sheffield, United Kingdom.

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.21013/97881940692256


Higher education had always been regarded as the gold standard in getting better employment opportunities and job enrichment. The recruitment, as well as promotion in almost all job profiles, is very well linked to the higher educational qualifications. But, to the opposite ridge, there had been recent trend-setting changes which have somehow signified that only higher education alone may not be best take as far as the labour market dynamics are concerned. Big corporations like Intel, IBM, Google, Microsoft and Apple have in recent times started hiring non-graduates in various skill-based job profiles. For them, they have stressed on the skill set rather than the higher education qualifications. Now the crux of the discussion lies in the underlying significance and relevance of the higher education, the composition of skills set as an alternative to higher education, industry’s perception on these skills set and their alignment with the higher education curriculum. This work seeks to analyse in light of the above-mentioned issues. The study concludes the optimum pathways for higher education, skills development and labour economics.

Keywords: Labour economics, higher education, job creation, skills development

This chapter is a part of: Contemporary Advances in Education | Edition (2019) (Eds. Sunil Sharma, FCS & Tian Chuanmao, PhD)

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