Integrating Information and Communication Technology into Interpreter Training in China

by Chuanmao Tian
School of Foreign Studies, Yangtze University, Hubei, 434023 P. R. China.



The past decade has witnessed dramatic changes and impressive progress in interpreter training in China due to the technological innovations, policy support from the Ministry of Education, increasing demand for qualified interpreters in the market, and the ceaseless efforts from interpreting trainers and researchers. Meanwhile, research efforts have been made in the context of information and communication technology (ICT). Chinese researchers have explored a wide range of pedagogical factors, including training models, principles, materials and strategies as well as autonomous learning, assessment and trainer/trainee role. Nevertheless, the breadth and depth of the research are still far from perfect. This paper reviews the major studies in this field critically and may serve as a reference for international interpreting practice and research.

Keywords: ICT in interpretaion, education management, teacher training

This chapter is a part of: Contemporary Advances in Education | Edition (2019) (Eds. Sunil Sharma, FCS & Tian Chuanmao, PhD)

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