Big Data in Management: How Big Data Changes Business Management around the World

by Mustafa Kayyali
PhD. Scholar, Azteca University, Mexico


Kayyali, M. (2023). Big Data in Management: How Big Data Changes Business Management around the World. In P.K. Paul, S. Sharma, E. Roy Krishnan (Eds.), Advances in Business Informatics empowered by AI & Intelligent Systems (pp 187-202). CSMFL Publications.


Big Data is referred to, as the collection and quantities of huge information and data that are arranged in the most appropriate form and the best performance, which contributes to achieving the best benefit and saving time in the best manner. Furthermore, Big Data management overlaps with management sciences significantly, especially in the past few years, where big data management systems have contributed to the development of methodologies for general management, data management, and business management. In addition, since business management overlaps with all scientific, technical, and literary fields, and participates in the manufacture and development of many scientific methodologies and complex structures, the science of management needed to benefit from the great advances in big data management. Business administration is not portrayed as a separate concept. On the contrary, it overlaps with all concepts and structures, plays a major role in their development, and overlaps with their complex organizations, which contributes to their development. At the same time, big data plays a pivotal role today, as it is the methodology that can control a huge amount of data in a smooth, easy, and clear manner with very little or no errors. This chapter explains extensively the link between business administration (with all its branches and divisions), with big data management, and provides a methodology for linking the two sciences, which contribute to providing developmental and future prospects that contribute to the development of business management with the highest possible benefit.

Keywords: Big Data, Business Management, Business Administration, Data, Information

This work is a part of: Advances in Business Informatics empowered by AI & Intelligent Systems (Eds. P.K. Paul, Sushil Sharma, Edward Roy Krishnan)

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