Development of Innovative Pedagogical Practices for a Modern Learning Experience

Editor: Dr. Dennis Koyama
Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sophia University, Japan.
ISBN (paperback): 978-81-948483-6-3
ISBN (ebook): 978-81-948483-7-0

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About the book

In the current volume, the selected studies have been grouped into three thematic sections, presenting readers with a set of distinct but related research on meaningful issues for a modern learning experience. The first three chapters present professional and teacher development perspectives and collectively shed light on how to develop, maintain, and improve pre and in-service teacher training and professional development. The second set of four chapters provide research findings that describe the results of direct applications of modern learning elements through course assignments and teaching approaches. The final five chapters focus on critical thinking and range in their focus from classroom-based studies to full-scale curriculum reform.

The collection of chapters presented in this volume represents the eclectic nature of modern learning experiences and demonstrate its applicability across educational contexts and disciplines. The chapters resonate with other educational researchers in search of novel ways of creating, facilitating, and investigating modern learning experiences.

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Editorial Introduction

by Dennis Koyama

Blended Learning Immersion Teacher Education: Evidence-Based Practices and Data-Driven Instruction

by T.J. Ó Ceallaigh

Exploring Concept Mapping as a Diagnostic and Predictive Assessment Tool in Pre-Service EFL Teacher Education

by Moonyoung Park & Wenqi Xiao

Professional Learning Communities: Reflections on Cases in Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates

by Osama Al-Mahdi, Marloes de Munnik, Beatrix Henkel, Luke Meinen, & Marissa Green

Multimodality as a Communicative Tool for Social Engagement and Reform

by Brennan Thomas

Escaping Social Injustices: Changemaking Escape Rooms for Human Rights in the Literature Classroom

by Emily Andrea Sendin

Community, Connections and Innovation in Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning

by Sandra Healy

Innovative Pedagogy to Overcome Student Struggles with Plagiarism

by Olivia Kennedy

Critical Thinking in University through a Curriculum-wide Reading and Writing Project

by James Dunn

Measuring the Frequency of Critical Thinking in a Second Language Academic Discussion Course

by Samuel Reid & Travis West

A Method to Develop Critical Thinking: Playing the Devil’s Advocate

by Sean Eric Kil Patrick Gay

Enabling Criticality: A Top-down Bottom-up Approach to Using TED Talks in EAP Listening Classes

by Adam Gyenes & Luis F. Santos

Demystifying Critical Thinking through the Exploration of Social Media

by Jay Tanaka

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