Innovations in Educational Leadership and Continuous Teachers’ Professional Development

Innovations in Educational Leadership and Continuous Teachers' Professional Development by CSMFL Publications

ISBN (paperback): 978-81-948483-2-5
ISBN (ebook): 978-81-948483-3-2
Editor: Osama Al Mahdi, Ph.D., Bahrain Teachers College, University of Bahrain, Bahrain.

About the book

This edited book offers an updated insight into a number of key elements of educational leadership and teachers’ professional development topics. The authors believe this book will be of great help and interest to a wide range of readers: policy makers, researchers, school leaders, teachers, under-graduate and post graduate students.

Peer Reviewers of the book
The editor would like to thank the peer reviewers for their effort and expertise they contributed to reviewing the book chapters, without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of refereed scientific research.

  1. Dr. Amani Hejazi – Senior Quality Inspector – KHDA – UAE
  2. Dr. Fuad Trayek – Al Najah University – Palestine
  3. Dr. Ghadah Hassan Al Morshedi – United Arab Emirates University – UAE
  4. Dr. Habiba AbJalil – Universiti Putra Malaysia – Malaysia
  5. Dr. Mohammed Hasan – Al Ahlia University- Bahrain
  6. Professor Noman Al Mousawi – University of Bahrain – Bahrain
  7. Dr. Reem Al Bu Ainin – Bahrain Polytechnic – Bahrain
  8. Dr. Sazali Yosouf – Institute of Teacher Education – Malaysia
  9. Dr. Sofia Ligawen – Bahrain Training Institute – Bahrain
  10. Dr. Zainab Al Touq – Bahrain Training Institute- Bahrain

© 2020, CSMFL Publications & its authors.


Research on Student Ratings of Instruction: Implications for Teachers and Professional Development Programs

by Dennis Koyama
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832501

Developing Leadership Skills in the Classroom

by Mohammed Issah, Abdulghani Al-Hattami
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832502

Innovating Teacher Pre-Service Education in Bahrain: An International Partnership Model

by Lucy Bailey
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832503

Strategic Planning Effectiveness and Leadership for Educational Institutions

by Aieman Ahmad Al-Omari
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832504

Strategic Leadership Planning for School Improvement: A Successful Model from the Kingdom of Bahrain

by Masooma Al Mutawah
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832505

Will the Increasingly Globalized Knowledge Base for Educational Leadership Increase the Professional Status of the Field?

by Ted Purinton
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832506

The Leadership Practices of the South African Primary School Principals in Promoting Shared Decision Making

by Shuti Steph Khumalo
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832507

Is it Training or Professional Development? Towards an Alternative Approach in Professional Growth for EFL/ESL Teachers

by Hasan Mohsen Al-Wadi
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832508

Professional Learning Communities Approach: Implications for Policy and Practice

by Osama Al Mahdi
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832509

Educational Management vis-à-vis Educational Leadership

by Sana Al Haddad
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832510

A Discussion of Servant and Ethical Leadership Styles

by Ahmet Göçen
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832511

Realising the Vision of Technology Integration: A Case Study of K-12 Private Schools in the United Arab Emirates

by Kheder Mahmoud, Catherine Arden, Jennifer Donovan
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Integrating Universal Design for Learning in Schools: Implications for Teacher Training, Leadership and Professional Development

by Frederic Fovet
DOI: 10.46679/isbn978819484832513

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